Mutant Bear



The majestic brown bear that once roamed the mountains and forests of the American continent are all but gone now, replaced by diminishing numbers of shattered, mutant descendants that are more a horror than the animal they once were. The mutant bear shares many of the well-known characteristics of its previous incarnation, albeit to a much greater degree.

The hunger, ill temper, and territorial nature of the bear is only increased in the mutant, driven as it is by painful mutation and physical deterioration to the verge of cruel insanity.
The most common aberration of the common bear appears to be a two-headed mutant, of which frequent reports have been heard in the foothills of the Big Rocks. These two-headed beasts are a source of great fear among tribal folk in the mountain valleys, who say these beasts are terrifically violent, unafraid of man (or mutant), and almost berserk when filled with a lust for blood. Some tribes regard them as indestructable Demons or Avatars of Evil Spirits.
Like a normal bear, the mutant bear typically barrels straight into combat to bite or claw.


Mutant Bear

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