The grotesque creature known as the “utarn” is a creeping, spider-like, hermaphroditic monster that thrives solely on a voracious carnivorous diet. The creature stands on six chitinous legs, scuttling about towards a given prey. Its body is an elongated mass of wrinkles and creased oily fat (much like exposed blubber), at the back of which stands a pair of fat egg sacks, the thin opaque skin over it stretched obscenely tight. When the utarn is pregnant, these celled masses can be seen to pulsate and contort with the movement of the young inside.

The utarn spends most of its entire life consumed with passing on its young. Food and survival seem to be secondary concerns for this monstrous mutant lifeform.

The utarn’s head is protected by a collar of a unique sponge-like tissue that may act like a giant “olfactory sense gland” – it is pierced with numerous holes and porous entrances. At the front of this, an elongated trunk of ribbed flesh may emerge (like a turtle from its shell), at the end of which is a circular lamprey-like maw, oozing slime – this slime is a potent toxin that strangles the nerve system and forces the victim into paralytic shock.
The utarn is a mindless creature that simply feeds and breeds. There is a good chance that a given utarn will be pregnant, and thus will seek to excrete its rubbery eggs into the paralyzed body of any victim, letting it live to become a carrier of these eggs. The victim’s body warmth brings them fully to incubation, at which time they hatch inside the body and devour the host from within.



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