Military Security Robot



The term “security robot” is one that strikes fear into any survivor who knows of the so-called “Metal Gods”. Of the more formidable models of military robots fielded by the Ancients prior to the Fall, the military security robot ranks high on the list.

Originally developed as a static defense platform, the military security robot’s design placed more emphasis on defensive capabilities than actual offensive operations.
The model was designed to provide last-ditch security for all manner of military installations, from bases to missile silo complexes. If an intruder bypassed the sensor picket, the human guards and watchmen, android patrollers, and finally the automated gun turrets – the single remaining military security ‘bot (at the core of the defenses) was expected to provide the final line of defense.

The military security robot looks very much like a huge, metallic “centaur”. The lower body of the thing resembles a traditional armored tank on heavy armored treads; but from this low, lumbering hull rises a humanoid “torso”, also clad in heavy armor plate, but with manipulative limbs and a sleek sensory apparatus at its summit (resembling a “head”). Two bubble-shaped “sensors” of black glassteel complement this “head”, giving the creature a sinister, all-seeing presence. The military security robot mounts a combination of weapons to deal effectively with intruders and light military threats – a stun gun (to deal non-lethally with unidentified personnel) and a mini-missile launcher (to deal with lightly-armored vehicular encounters), as well as two fully-manipulative hands; these can each grasp and utilize the same types of weapons usable by humanoids, from machineguns to plasma rifles.
Due to its auto-loading systems, loading ammunition in any built-in weapon system is a free action for a military security robot.

Military security robots are programmed with more complex, layered orders, as opposed to various other robotic platforms. These include patrolling a designated area, enforcing a strict “no trespassing” order, apprehending violators or suspicious intruders through force, etc. Alarm, lockout, detection, sentry, slave controller, slave unit, task, and verbal response are all common programs.


Military Security Robot

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