Typical Backgrounds: Tribal, Radical.

Attitude: Eat meat, be happy.

Symbol: The many ghoul enclaves throughout the cities of the Twisted Earth use a variety of symbols to mark their respective territories against intrusion. Typical examples include a series of bloody streaks and any number of clever or terrifying sayings/slogans.

History: Ghouls are not really a faction per se, but rather a race of degenerate humanoids so common on the Twisted Earth that they are a recognized danger to almost every community in every far flung corner of the wasteland. Ghoul “communities” themselves are seldom united, more often resembling loose “tribes” of savages dwelling like squatters wherever they wander, vandalizing what they find and destroying everything they cannot figure out as their destructive whim suits them. Leadership is almost always in the hands of the strongest or most treacherous ghoul of the pack, or given to whichever among them is the most reliable in leading the tribe to food. Treachery is rampant in these malevolent groups, as jealousy over the division of “meat” often leads to bickering, infighting, and murder.

Most ghoul communities are found within the confines of the great cities and urban ruins that mottle the desert wilderness of the world. Few wander out of these places, leaving the wasteland, by and large, free of their taint. The ruined landscape of cities is ideal for their kind, after all, because more often than not they shun the light of day and prefer to dwell in the shadows created by old buildings and rubble heaps, or descend into the cool darkness of the sewers beneath the streets. The cities also harbor life such as rats and wild men, on which ghouls also feed without distinction. In addition, wandering scavs, or other survivors, make for a welcome addition to their carnivorous palette.

It is also here, within the shells of the great “necropoli”, that the ghouls have lived since the first years following the Fall. In fact, many ghouls are the direct descendants of pre-Fall humanity, men and women who were unable and unwilling to leave the cities despite the radiation and diseases that polluted them. Scavenging for dwindling sources of food in grocery stores and abandoned restaurants only sustained them for a while, and as starvation set in so did desperation. Driven by the instinct to survive, they turned to cannibalism and, over generations, evolved into the beastly things now known as “ghouls”.

Merchants and sandwalkers will be the first to tell tales of ghouls and the atrocities they commit. Almost like “ghost stories” told by the campfire, other desert communities whose origins once lay in the ruined cities of the Twisted Earth also remember ghouls for their hunger and inhumanity, and continue to keep the lore of ghouls alive in succeeding generations.



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