Welcome to the future. The world of the Ancient’s has crumbled, and outside the hidden retreat of Pine Valley the world is a lethal desert, devoid of anything other than degenerate mutant freaks, savage beasts and invisible death. But soon you and a few of your fellow villagers come of age, and for the last six months each of you has been led into the upper level of the Town Hall to train with firearms, and you suspect that this may be related to the Rite of Passage it is whispered you must undergo at 18.

And then after two years since his last visit, news starts to spread around that the Trader J.J.Jubal has arrived outside the village with his mule train-and this time with a couple of mutant outlander guards. Fortunately none of them will be allowed in to pollute the village, and they will be restricted to the camping ground outside the inner gate.

Soon after Guard Browne appears, and explains that Elder De Vere wants to speak to you all in the Town Hall in one hour. You look at one another and wonder what it’s all about…

Twisted Earth

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